Company Profile

Ban Lee Seng Paints & Hardware Supplier was founded in 1988. Throughout the years, we have become one of the leading companies in supplying automotive paint to automotive paint repair shops in Singapore. Ban Lee Seng provides a wide range of paint-related products such as Farecla rubbing compound, 3M vehicle - related products and many more.

In recent years, we have evolved into an industrial paint mixing centre where we can perform custom colour mixing based on customers’ preferences. We have the ability and expertise to manufacture, produce and mix complex colour variations when requested by a customer. Ban Lee Seng has a wide range of industrial paint comprising of Polyurethane Paint (PU), N.C paint, one part paint (1K), two part paint (2K) and epoxy paint, commonly known as polyepoxide.

Being an automotive paint distributor based in Singapore, Ban Lee Seng manages the distribution of Dupont, Spies Hecker and Roberlo under its wing. With more than 20 years of experience in automotive paints, we provide our clients with the top of the range automotive paints in stock locally.




In addition, Ban Lee Seng is the official distributor for BETA Color, an Italian company specializing in both the production and sales of car refinishing products.

At Ban Lee Seng, we have our own BLS brand of goods that not only provide excellent value for money but also top quality products. BLS products consist of a wide range of paints, 2k Clearcoat Lacquers, 1K putty, plastic primer and many more.

Over the years, we have built a reputation in the local industry for customized paint mixing. With our dedication to perfection, we are able to match up to 95% of the colours given to us.

We also provide customized aerosol spray cans. Clients can provide us with either the samples or colours in catalogue books like RAL or Bristain standard pantone colours