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Raffles Paint R.AQUA is Singapore's First 2 in 1 paint and primer Water Based Enamel Paint. In today's world, we attach increasing important to health, safety and environmental protection. R.AQUA is an eco-friendly, superior quality water based enamel that combines Paint & Primer 2-in-1. It provides anti-rust, anti-tannins, anti-mould & algae resistance, water resistance & corrosive resistance. It is almost zero odour and VOCs. It has built-in primer to provide superior protection for wood, metal, masonry and other substrates.

Does not contain Formaldehyde & Phenol Ethoxylate, lead, mercury, ammonia and heavy metals. Safe option for all your painting applications.



  • Superior Weather & Efflorescence Resistance  
  • Singapore's First 2 in 1 Water Based Enamel Paint & Primer
  • Eco-Friendly (Singapore Setsco Tested)
  • Probably the Best Hiding Paint in Singapore
  • High washability and resist wear after repeated cleaning
  • Remarkable hiding power. Fewer coats to deliver truer more vibrant colours.
  • Low spattering & Excellent Adhesion
  • Superb alkaline & efflorescence resistance
  • Cover hairline cracks
  • Superior water resistance
  • Nearly Zero Paint Odour
  • Non-toxic, does not contain Formaldehyde , Phenol Ethoxylate , Lead , Ammonia , Mercury and Heavy metals
  • Easy to apply without water dilution
  • Luxurious Glossy finish.Anti-Fungus & Anti-Mould properties.