High solid very easy to apply polyurethane clear coat for car refinishing.

Roberlo Dual matt

Extremely versatile 2K matt clear coat for car refinishing and industrial applications. It can be used as a clear coat in circumstances where applications require matt finishes.
In addition, when satin finishes are required, DUAL MATT can be mixed with the various 2K clear coats featured in the Roberlo range to provide different levels of finish.
Especially recommended for partial paint jobs, DUAL MATT HS guarantees high quality and hardwearing finishes.


Kronox 3100

  • Rapid dust-free drying
  • Extreme hardness
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Excellent performance at any temperature


High solid contents HS 4:1 acrylic filler.
Excellent balance between covering and fast drying.


1K primer for fast drying process.
Topcoat with any enamel.



1K ready to use transparent primer. Promotes adhesion to any kind of plastic except polythene


Paintable 1K seam sealer for joint sealing formulated to be applied by brush.
Sigiltex is the one-component brushable sealer for use in bodywork repairs to seal all the joints, boots, wheel arches, etc.


HS premium stone chip protector.
Ensures great protection with top quality finish. Overpaintable.



Slow thinner for 2K polyurethane and acrylic clears and primers.


Special additive recommended to avoid silicone contamination.

DA 93 degreaser

Degreaser to remove residues prior to painting.