3M™ Perfect-It™
Machine Polish

High Performance Machine Polish. Quickly and effectively removes compound swirl marks and produces an outstanding finish. Good handling, easy cleanup. The Perfect-It brand means this is 3M's highest performing machine polish

3M™ Perfect-It™
Rubbing Compound

Fast cutting rubbing compound designed remove sand scratches and leaves a fine finish on automotive paints.


3M™ Foam
Polishing Pad

Convoluted foam face produces wheel/swirl free paint finish when used with 3M™ Perfect-It™ Foam Polishing Pad Glazes.

General Purpose Hand Pad

Most universally used in a variety of applications. Excellent starting point to clean, finish, grain, denib and defuzz. May be used by hand, with a hand pad block, or on an in-line sander. Abrasive mineral: Very Fine grade aluminum oxide. Color: Maroon

3M™ Half Facepiece
Reusable Respirator 6200

This half facepiece reusable respirator offers reliable and convenient respiratory protection and is suitable for many situations, helping provide protection against particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors according to NIOSH approvals.


3M™ Particulate Filter 5N11
N95 Respiratory Protection

NIOSH approved for environments containing certain non-oil based particles. Use with 3M™ Respirators 5000 Series or 3M™ Cartridges 6000 Series, and 3M™ Filter Retainer 501.

3M™ Organic Vapor
Cartridge 6001

NIOSH approved against certain organic vapors. Use with 3M™ Half and Full Facepieces 6000 Series and 3M™ Half and Full Facepieces 7000 Series with bayonet style cartridge holders.