Foster 838 is imported from the USA where it is extremely popular and highly reliable. Foster 838 is a high quality, high temperature resistance masking tape. The tape quality is assured by PTSC and the US comsumer protection and it can take up to 93 degrees celsius. Foster 838 is most commonly used in the automotive paint industry by means of oven baking. General Purpose masking tape is designed to adopt to different working environment and surface masking application. It's adhesive backing is designed to have low initial tack and low residual during peel off. In addition, it is formulated to be used on a wide range of surface.


Long lasting and anti-static, Dynatron Tack Cloth will not deteriorate in storage nor dry out. They remain soft, leaving no residue. They are excellent in collecting and retaining all loose dust, dirt, lint and metal particles.



Imported from Japan, Meiji F110 Spray Gun is ideal for all-purpose spray painting use. Examples include automobiles, signcraft, wood, metal and industrial spray painting. Built for ergonomic comfort, maximum efficiency and regulatory compliance.

DeVilbiss Spray Guns

Advanced technology for the professional painter, large spray pattern for fast coverage, even distribution of materials for no mottling or striping, optimum atomization for clearcoats and single stages, lightweight and comfortable, economical servicing, low air pressure and volume requirements.


G3 rubbing compound is known for its high quality and reliability. It permanently removes abrasive marks from fresh to well cured medium solid & high solid paint.



Two pack polyester putty in fine paste for auto bodies and vehicles in general, featuring high filling properties and excellent workability in both very thin or thick layers. It can be applied on steel plates, cast iron, fibreglass, polyester fillers and painted surfaces. It is characterised by absence of porosity, strong adhesion and soft sanding. Thanks to its properties BETA 3000 can be coated with any finishing products.


Beta Filler is universal and completely new filler. The high compatibility of its selected resins makes of this product the ideal filler for car bodies and industrial vehicles. BETA FILLER is characterized by high filling power, ease of sanding, fast drying. Its exceptional isolation properties guarantee thick and resistant films offering durability and lack of sinkage at the same time. BETA FILLER can be applied on bare metal sheets, fibreglass surfaces, polyester putties, gelcoats and old paints. It can be overcoatable with any finishing product